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PUSPANITA or the abbreviation for Persatuan Suri dan Anggota Wanita Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia was officially launched on 1 March 1983 by the first PUSPANITA patron, Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Binti Haji Mohd. Ali. In the early stages of its establishment, PUSPANITA went through various processes to be equipped as an association that is registered and accepted by all parties, especially at top management level and members. Its protem committee members at that time worked hard to formulate a constitution that contained details relating to the association such as its vision, mission, purpose of the establishment, the composition and responsibilities of its Supreme Council (MT) and the Supreme Working Committee (JKT). To strengthen the position of the association, the Constitution of PUSPANITA stipulated that the Prime Minister's wife will be its Patron, the Chief Secretary to the Government will be its Advisor while the wife of the Chief Secretary to the Government will be its Yang Di Pertua. Another success that it can be proud of is PUSPANITA House in Jalan Hose, Kuala Lumpur and PUSPANITAPURI as its activity centre and landmark of glory. PUSPANITA also has its own distinctive uniform as a symbol of unity among its members. Various programmes and activities have been planned and implemented by PUSPANITA to achieve its vision and mission. Among others are the PUSPANITA Five Year Plan, PUSPADARA PUSPANITA Fund and PUSPANITA Training Fund. PUSPANITA’s success is as a result of the smart leadership of its patron and adviser. This is complemented by the cooperation and full support of its Supreme Council (MT), Supreme Working Committee (JKT) and PUSPANITA members.


  1. To forge harmonious relationship and unite wives and female members of the Civil Service from all levels;
  2. To encourage development of knowledge, skill and self-improvement of association members through programmes for advancement, lectures, workshops, seminars and courses;
  3. To encourage and involve members in activities for the benefit of their families and themselves, and the community;
  4. To organize programmes to raise donations and funds for charity activities;
  5. To organize programmes to strengthen relations with other registered women's associations, in order to foster mutual understanding and increase knowledge through national development plans, especially those relating to women in the country;

  6. To acquire lands, buildings and other assets required by way of application to the Government, purchase, rent and others. Any branch may also acquire lands, buildings and other assets, or others for the welfare and benefit of members; and
  7. To participate in business activities, provided that all moneys and profits gained by the association, as a result of its participation in any business, will be used solely to further, develop and carry out the purposes of this association, and no portion of any moneys or profits or bonus can be used to any member of the association. However, the provision shall not prevent any payment made in good faith, to pay the salaries or expenses or both to any member or employee of the association, provided that they have provided services to the association.



PUSPANITA towards excellence.


Women unity refining the country


To be are competitive, qualified, knowledgeable, skilled, graceful and devout women in order to contribute to self-development, family and community.


carta alir


logo puspanita LOGO DESCRIPTION :

Crescent Moon and Star

Symbolizes the states of Malaysia where PUSPANITA members may join forces.


Symbolizes knowledge and skills that need to be improved continuously.

Padi Stalks

Symbolizes unity among multi-ethnic women members in the Civil Service.


Represents the association role towards achieving aspirations of national development.

P & Pa

Symbolizes feminism.

Gold Colour

Symbolizes the importance of outstanding quality as the foundation of excellence.

Purple Colour

Symbolizes the nobility of members' voluntary contributions.



The wives officers and staffs of the Civil Service at all levels of service.

Female Members

Means: female officers and female staffs in the Public Service at all levels of service groups.

Civil Service

Means: Government service at all levels including statutory bodies.


Tenaga isteri dan wanita
Tenaga isteri dan wanita Bulan bintang 14 penjuru
Lambang keutuhan barsatu-padu
Isteri pegawai kakitangan semua
Berganding bahu saling membantu Sudah rasmi pembangunan
Isteri bersama memberi kebajikan
Disamping itu bertukar pandangan
Menambah ilmu serta pengetahuan Bunga padi tanda keteguhan
Bergaul mesra tak kira keturunan
Beramah-tamah tak kira pangkat
Tujuan asas capai matlamat PUSPANITA mengorak langkah
Peranan suri pendidik di asah
Sifat Kewanitaan meninggikan maruah
Perikemanusiaan menjadi falsafah PUSPANITA, PUSPANITA, PUSPANITA
Tenaga isteri dan wanita
Tenaga isteri dan wanita Senikata Oleh : Dato' Dr. Hajah Noor Laily Binti Dato' Abu Bakar


Bil Name Position
1. Datin Sri Hjh. Soriati binti Hj. Abdul Samad     Pengerusi
2. Datin Rohani binti Daud Timbalan Pengerusi I PUSPANITA JPSM
3. (Kosong) Timbalan Pengerusi II PUSPANITA JPSM
4. Siti Raihana binti Ramli Setiausaha
5. Siti Nurulhuda binti Ahmad Tarmidzi Pen. Setiausaha
6. Lydia Suzieana binti Mohammad Bendahari
7. Yumarnis binti Riasmi Pen. Bendahari
8. Wan Norhaiza binti Wan Musa Ketua Biro Isteri Pegawai & Kakitangan JPSM
9. Nik Saniah binti Nik Mohamed Pen. Ketua Biro Isteri Pegawai & Kakitangan JPSM
10. Zuraida binti Mohd Aziz Biro Khas (Penasihat)
11. Stephinie Lai @ Lai Rei Yeni Ketua Biro Pendidikan & Pembangunan Keluarga
12. Hasni binti Abd Pattah Pen. Ketua Biro Pendidikan & Pembangunan Keluarga
13. Rosaizan Haryani binti Rosli Ketua Biro Alam Bina Lestari
14. Nora Azlina binti Musa Pen. Ketua Biro Alam Bina Lestari
15. Mutia Anggerek binti Jusoh Ketua Biro ICT, Seranta & Penerbitan
16. Noriswani binti Za’aldin Pen. Ketua Biro ICT, Seranta & Penerbitan
17. Norshathiroh binti Saidin n Ketua Biro Suka
18. Norisah binti Jiling Pen. Ketua Biro Sukan
19.  Erni Marlina binti Mohamed Roslan Ketua Biro Sosial
20.  (Kosong) Pen. Ketua Biro Sosial
21.  Rosbaidah binti Desa Ketua Biro Kebajikan, Agama & Ahli Seumur Hidup
22.  Nurul Huda binti Jamaluddin Pen. Ketua Biro Kebajikan, Agama & Ahli Seumur Hidup
23.  Suhaida binti Mohamed Ketua Biro Keusahawanan
24.  Hazlinda binti Hadi Pen. Ketua Biro Keusahawanan
25.  Siti Khatijah binti Othman Ketua Biro Kesihatan
26.  Debora Belawan Pen. Ketua Biro Kesihatan
27.  Reanee Lee Ketua Biro Kepenggunaan & Perundangan
28.  Sarah binti Suraji Pen. Ketua Biro Kepenggunaan & Perundangan
29.  Khairunnisa binti Khaidir Pemeriksa Kira-kira 1
30.  W. Norakma binti W. Yusoff Pemegang Amanah
31.  Norisah binti Md Dan Wakil Direktorat
32.  Nurhafizah binti Abd Rahman Wakil Bahagian Perancangan & Ekonomi Hutan
33.  Norziatul Shima binti Mohd Sarit Wakil Bahagian Pengurusan Hutan
34.  Alice Scholastica binti Kapit Wakil Bahagian Latihan Perhutanan
35.  Nor Hafizah binti Mustafa Wakil Bahagian Ladang Hutan & Perlindungan Hutan
36.  Norzehan binti Salehuddin Wakil Bahagian Silvikultur & Pemeliharaan Biologi Hutan
37.  Wan Rohafza binti Ahmad Wakil Bahagian Forest Eco-Park & Taman Negeri
38.  Noor Idawati binti Abu Bakar Wakil Bahagian Hal Ehwal Perhutanan Antarabangsa
39.  Esllyza binti Razali Wakil Bahagian Kejuruteraan Hutan
40.  Noorazila binti Yatim Wakil Bahagian Pengurusan Maklumat
41.  Suhaila binti Mahruji Wakil Bahagian Penguatkuasaan Hutan
42.  Nurul Syahirah binti Roslan Wakil Bahagian Khidmat Pengurusan
43.  Sarah binti Suraji Wakil Bahagian Perundangan Dan Pendakwaan
44.  -kosong- Wakil Bahagian Teknikal & Industri Kayu
45.  Siti Sarah binti Shamsuddin Wakil KUPA
46.  Noor Haini binti Abdullah Wakil KUIP


kad keahlian   kad keahlian2

1. Life Member Fee from 21st October 2014 are free and only RM2.00 will be charged for membership cards. 2. The offer of Life Member Fee will be open for all female government servant and wives. 3. Old members will be transferred to Life Member status for free. 4. Only RM 2.00 will be charged for registration for PUSPANITA card. A replacement card for damaged/ lost is RM 10.00. 5. Each old or new Life Member is eligible for Free “Kad Skuad Pengguna”. This card an opportunity to get discounts between 2% and 35% for goods and services from 260 companies. 6. The Life Member will be given a discount for hall rental and accommodations at PUSPANITA House and PUSPANITAPURI, Putrajaya. The discount to availability.

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