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This book is prepared with intention to give a guidance and reference to the client of Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia in order to understand the application process of Wood-Based Industry. It is hope that the stated procedure in this guide book can be followed and fulfilled by the respective client to smooth the application when bring forward. Beside that it is hope for this book can give useful information to the companies and local individuals in order to get factory license wood-based industry.
Technical and Wood Industrial Division
Forestry Department
Peninsular Malaysia
Jalan Sultan Salahuddin
50660 Kuala Lumpur.


As per Wood-Based Industry Act, the power to approve the factories is under the State authority.

Wood-based industry is the industries that work on processing, preserving or changing the wood to various productions like what is stated in the Table (Section 2) Wood-Based Industry Enactment.

  • Sawmill
  • Mobile sawmill
  • Veneer mill
  • Plywood mill
  • Kiln-drying plant
  • Preservation plant
  • Wood chip plant
  • Wood flour plant
  • Furniture mill
  • Wood moulding mill
  • Woodworking mill
  • Parquet flooring mill
  • Wood-boxes, crates and pallets factory
  • Pre-fabricated timber building components plant
  • Block board mill/batten board mill/laminated board
  • Particle board mill/chip board mill
  •  Fibre board mill
  •  Wood wool board mill/wood cement board mill
  •  Wafer board mill/flake board
  •  Wood distillation plant
  • Wood hydrolysis plant
  • Rayon pulp plant
  • Charcoal kiln
  • Wood briquettes plant
  • Pulp and paper mill
  • Match factory
  • Bamboo factory
  • Rattan factory

Basic Application Term

Procedure to process license application of the wood-based industry is depend on the policy that has been made by those states. Application has to be made through the District Forestry Office at the states.

Documents to be required are:

  • Jadual Pertama form – four (4) copies only for the new application
  • Performa form – four copies
  •  Four layout plans:
    • Site mill location plan
    • Site mill building plan
    • Design mill building plan
    • Plants layout plan
  • Copy of letter from related agencies (if any)

Client's Charter

All applications to produce forest product or to operate wood-based industry will be processed follow the stated procedure.

License to operate wood-based industry will be produced within a period of one (1) month from the complete date of the factory constructed when meets all the conditions approval.

Flow Chart For License Application

Note: Available in malay only

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