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The Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia is responsible for the management, planning, protection and development of the Permanent Reserved Forests (PRF) in accordance with the National Forestry Policy (NFP) 1992 and the National Forestry Act (NFA) 1984.

Forestry Department Headquarters

The Forestry Department Headquarters is responsible for the formulation of forestry policies, providing technical advice and assistance to the State Forestry Departments with regard to forestplanning, management and development, forest harvesting and wood-based industries, forest operational studies as well as training and human resource development. The Forestry Department Headquarters has two (2) Deputy Director-Generals namely the Deputy Director-General (Policy and Planning) and Deputy Director-General (Operations and Technical), each responsible for six (6) divisions respectively. In addition, a Unit and another Division are directly accountable to the Director-General of Forestry.

Policy And Planning Sector

The Deputy Director-General of Forestry (Policy and Planning) is responsible for forest planning and economics, forest resource management, silviculture and forest biological conservation, forest eco-park and state forest park development, international forestry affairs as well as forest plantation and protection.

Operations And Technical Sector

The Deputy Director-General of Forestry (Operations and Technical) is responsible for administration and finance, forest engineering, technical and wood industry, forest enforcement, forestry training and human resource development as well as information technology systems development.

State Forestry Department

The State Forestry Department is responsible for the administration and regulation of forest harvesting, forest revenue collection and development of the state forest resources. The Department also plans and coordinates the development of wood-based industries. The State Forestry Department is divided into Forest Operations and Forest Development Divisions and supported by District Forest Offices.

Forest Operations Division

Responsible for administration, forest law enforcement, forest revenue collection as well as to coordinate and maintain liaison with the Forestry Department Headquarters, other state departments and agencies.

Forest Development Division

Responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring of forest management and development activities, including biodiversity conservation, ecotourism development and forest rehabilitation as well as the preparation and implementation of the State Forest Management Plan.

District Forest Office

Responsible for administration, controlling forest harvesting, forest revenue collection and forest law enforcement. The office is also responsible for implementing forest management and development activities including the management of forest eco-park and state forest park.

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