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  • Pn. Fazilah Bt. Mansor

    Director of Legal and Prosecution / Senior Federal Counsel


    +603-2616 4488 (Ext: 412)

    Pn. Kaiyisah Bt. Shukri

    Assistant Director (Prosecution) I / Federal Counsel


    +603-2616 4488 (Ext: 229)

    En. Mohd Shahril B. Abdul Rashid

    Assistant Director (Prosecution) II


    +603-2616 4488 (Ext: 231)

    Pn. Cynthia Noor Haizean Bt. Sulaiman

    Assistant Director (Legal) I / Federal Counsel


    +603-2616 4488 (Ext: 225)

    Pn. Line @ Norline Bt. Zarnudin

    Assistant Director (Legal) III / Federal Counsel


    +603-2616 4488 (Ext: 228)

    En. Mason Jaro B. Barayan

    Officer Legal (Central Zone)


    +603-2616 4488 (Ext: 230)


    Assistant Director (Legal) II


    +603-2616 4488 (Ext: 228)


    Senior Assistant Officer (Prosecution)


    +603-2616 4488 (Ext: 238)

    Pn. Afidatul Azwa Bt. Kamarulanuar

    Officer Legal (Eastern Zone)


    +603-2616 4488 (Ext: 259)

    Pn. Izwati Sazliza Bt. Maliki

    Assistant Officer (Prosecution) Central Zone / Assistant Legal Officer


    +603-2616 4488 (Ext: 238)

    Pn. Rumizan Bt. Ghazali

    Assistant Officer (Prosecution) Eastern Zone / Assistant Legal Officer


    +609-5732 911

    En. Mohd Nazrul Hakim B. Ghazali

    Assistant Officer (Prosecution) Northern Zone / Assistant Legal Officer


    +605-5288 100

    Pn. Norliah Bt. Abu Samah

    Administrative Assistant (P/O)


    +603-2616 4488 (Ext: 260)

    Cik Rohana Bt. Yusof

    Administrative Assistant (P/O) Eastern Zone



    Pn. Norlianawati Bt. Mohd Razali

    Administrative Assistant (P/O) Northern Zone



  • Division Function

    This Division is responsible :

    •     To peruse investigation papers of forestry offences and to give advice and instructions related thereto.
    •     To conduct prosecutions and criminal trials of forestry offences in the Court.
    •     To provide legal advice in respect of matters referred to by the Department.
    •     To draft or vet legal documents such as agreements and memorandum of understanding to which the Department is a party to ensure that the interest of the Government is protected.
    •     To draft and vet forestry principal legislations and subsidiary legislations.

  • BPP Chart (Eng)

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