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1 Monthly Assembly Speech Notes Feb 2020 pdf
2 Monthly Assembly Speech Notes Jan 2020 pdf
3 Message from the Director General of Forestry Peninsular Malaysia pdf
4 KPPSM New Year Message 2019 pdf
5 Text of the Opening Speech and Media Statement in Conjunction with the Opening Ceremony of the International Forest Day and National Mangrove Forest Ecosystem Conservation Day 2018 pdf

Form and Calendar

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1 Borang Permohonan Mengikuti Kursus Sijil Perhutanan di FORTRAIN pdf
2 Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia, Examination Calendar 2023 pdf
3 Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia, Examination Calendar 2022 pdf
4 Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia, Examination Calendar 2021 pdf
5 Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia, Examination Calendar 2020 pdf
6 Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia, Examination Calendar 2019 pdf
7 PSM Geospatial Data Information Sharing and Dissemination Form pdf
8 Application Form to Conduct Studies/Research in Permanent Forest Reserves (HSK) pdf
9 Service Examination Application Form pdf
10 Service Scheme Special Examination Application Form pdf
11 Karas Tree Planting Operator Registration Form pdf
12 Karas Tree Supplier Registration Form pdf
13 Agarwood Manufacturer Registration Form pdf

Legal & Prosecution

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1 National Forestry Act 1984 pdf
2 Wood Based Industry (Powers of the State Legislature) Act 1984 pdf
3 Act 105 - Malaysian Timber Industry Board (Incorporation) Act 1973 pdf
4 Time Limit Act 1953 pdf
5 Government Contracts Act 1974 pdf
6 Environmental Quality Act pdf
7 Aboriginal Peoples Act 1954 pdf
8 Wildlife Conservation Act 2010 pdf
9 Financial Procedure Act 1957 pdf
10 Treasury Instructions pdf
11 National Forestry Policy 1978 Amendment 1992 pdf
12 National Forestry Policy pdf
13 EIBK PERAK 1987 pdf
14 EIBK (ibu)PERAK pdf
15 EIBK Perak (Amendment) 2010 pdf
16 Forests (Establishment of Forest Reserves and Amendment) Enactment 1984 - Sabah pdf
17 Perak Forest Enactment Amendment 2015 pdf
18 Selangor Forest Enactment (Amendment) 2018 pdf
19 Perak Minerals Enactment 2003 pdf
20 Perlis State Forestry Enactment 1951 pdf
21 Kelantan State Forest Rules 1986 pdf
22 Johor Forest Rules pdf
23 Perak Forest (Amendment) Rules 2016 pdf
24 Perak forest rules 1988 pdf
25 Amended Perak Forest Rules pdf
26 Putrajaya Land Rules 2002 pdf
27 Criminal Procedure Code CPC- BI pdf
28 Investigation Paper Handling Guide No.1-2011 pdf
29 KPPSM Circular No. 3-2018 -Geospatial pdf
30 Penal Code pdf
31 Sabah Forest Enactment 1968 pdf
32 Sabah Forest Rules pdf
33 Sarawak Forest Ordinance 20154 pdf
34 Sarawak Forest Policy pdf
35 Sarawak Forest Rules pdf
36 Effective Date of APN IN PUTRAJAYA 2017 pdf
37 Procedure for Conducting Prosecution in Court No. 3-2009 pdf
38 Procedures for Conducting Forest Enforcement Operations No.2-2009 pdf
39 JPSM Investigation Procedures pdf


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1 Compendium of Amusement Forests and State Park Forests pdf

ICT Document

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1 Metadata Catalog pdf
2 ICT Security Documents pdf
3 Website Content Update Procedure pdf

Federal Government Gazette

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1. National Forestry (Federal Territories) Rules 2019 pdf
2. Determination of Effective Date pdf
3. Federal Territory of Putrajaya Order pdf
4. Federal Territory of Labuan Order pdf

Malaysian Government Mobile Application

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