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  • The Joint Council aims to solicit close cooperation between employer and employee where employees are given opportunities to express opinions and to participate actively in the resolution of issues related to work procedures, administrative matter and worker’s welfare.

  • No. Officer Name Position Grade Department Employee Representative/Grade JCM Position Picture
    1. Puan Iqtie Qamar Laila binti Mohd Gani Conservator Of Forest G48 BHA G41 to G48 Grade of Conservator Of Forest Scheme Representative JCM Chairman JAMAL SHUHAILY SHAHAR
    2. Encik Muhammad Umar bin Abdullah Conservator Of Forest G44 UIP G41 to G48 Grade of Conservator Of Forest Scheme Representative JCM Secretary UMAR BIN ABDULLAH
    3. Puan Nor Izzati binti Othman Economist E41 BPE E41 to E48 Grade of Economist / E41 Grade Statistician Scheme Representative    izzati
    4. Encik Abdul Hakim bin Ghazali Civil Engineer J41 BKH J41 to J44 Grade of Engineer Scheme Representative   ABDUL HAKIM GHAZALI
    5. Puan Roziati binti Abdul Aziz Information Technology Officer F44 BPM F41 to F44 Grade / FA29 to FA38 Grade / FT19 to FT22 Grade of Information Technology Scheme Representative    Roziati
    6. Vacant Legal Officer     L41 to L44 Grade of Legal Officer / M41 to M44 Grade of Administrative and Diplomatic Officer / P44 Grade of Investigation Officer / S44 Grade of Librarian / S44 Grade of Information Officer / C41 of Science Officer scheme representative    
    7. Puan Nor Akiah binti Abdullah Administrative Assistant (Finance) W22 (TBK1) BKP W17 to W41 Grade of Finance Scheme Representative   NOR AKIAH ABDULLAH 1
    8. Puan Noorazila binti Yatim Forest Ranger / Assistant Conservator of Forest G36 BPE G29 to G40 Grade of Forest Ranger / Asisstant Conservator Of Forest Scheme Representative   NORAZILA
    9. Vacant Assistant Architecture Officer     JA29 to JA38 Grade of Assistant Surveyor / Tracer (Architecture) / JA29 to JA38 Grade of Assistant Architecture Officer Scheme Representative    
    10. Puan Maziah binti Kamaruzaman Administrative Assistant Officer N36 UIP N29 to N36 Grade of Administrative Assistant (Secretariat) / N29 to N36 Grade of Administrative Assistant Officer / N19 to N28 Grade of Customer Service Officer Scheme Representative   MAZIAH KAMARUZAMAN
    11. Encik Suhaadi bin Omar Forester G19 BUH G19 to G26 Grade of Forest ranger / G19 to G26 Grade of Forester Scheme Representative   suhaadi omar
    12. Encik Mohd Ariff bin Omar Research Assistant Q19 BUH s29 Grade of Kurator / S19 Grade of Librarian Assistant / Q19 to Q26 Grade of Research Assistant Scheme Representative   ariff omar
    13. Encik Mohd Fadhil bin Omar Administrative Assistant (C/O) N19 BKP N19 to N22 Grade of Administrative Assistant (C/O) Scheme Representative   MOHD FADHIL OMAR
    14. Encik Mohd Nor bin Mohd Rashid Operation Assistant H14 BKP N11 to N18 Grade of Operation Assistant / H11 to H14 Grade of General Assistant Scheme Representative   mohdnor
    15. Encik Muhammad Idris bin Mohd Yazid Driver H11 BKP H11 to H14 Grade of Driver / R3 Grade of Driver Scheme Representative   idris
    16. Encik Haris bin Ahmad Forest Ranger / Forester G29 BLP Peninsular Malaysia Malay Forest Officer Representative   Haris BLP
    17. Encik Mohd Rizal bin Razali Conservator of Forest G44 BLP Forestry Training Division Representative   rizalrazali
    18. Encik Ahmad Shukran bin A. Bakar @ Md Amin Forest Ranger / Forester G22 (KUP) BLP Terengganu Forestry Training Centre Representative   Ahmad Shukran Abu Bakar
    19. Encik Mohd Suhaidi bin Sinin Forest Ranger / Forester G36 JPWPKL Wilayah Persekutuan Forestry Department Representative   SUHAIDI SININ
  • No. Officer Name Position Notes Picture
    1. YBhg. Dato' Mohd Ridza bin Awang Director-General of Forestry Peninsular Malaysia Officials Chairman
    2. YBhg. Dato' Hj. Zahari bin Ibrahim Deputy Director General of Forestry Peninsular Malaysia (Policy & Planning) Member
    3. YBhg. Dato' Mohd Rahim bin Rani Deputy Director General of Forestry Peninsular Malaysia (Operations & Technical) Member
    4. Tn. Hj. Ramli bin Mat Director of Forestry Training Member DATO NORHAIDI YUNUS
    5. Ir. Haji Khairul Nizam bin Yusoff Director of Forest Engineering Member DATO NORHAIDI YUNUS
    6. Puan Halimatusaadiah binti Ramlli @ Mohd Shah Director of Management Services Officials Secretary

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