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Stump-tailed macaque (Macaca arctoides) is a monkey species which is said to be only found in Thailand and now has been found in Malaysia during Forest Biodiversity Scientific Expedition of Perlis State Park (Wang Kelian), Perlis on 2001.

Generally, the Stump-tailed macaque found in the evergreen tropical rain forest which has broad leaves of tropical and subtropical regions. In the evergreen tropical rain forest, these monkeys lives in the high area up to 1,500 meters, while in the subtropical evergreen forest, they live in the range of 1.800 and 2.500 meters depending the amount of rainfall in the area.

Stump-tailed macaque spends most of their time from early morning until noon to find food and they depend on the rainforest for food and shelter. This monkey is frugivor - omnivorous and most of their diet consists of fruits.

In the afternoon, the monkeys would stop for a rest in the shade and spend time on social activities such as grooming, while the monkeys kids will play among themselves. In the evening, searching for food begins again as they travel back to bed, which usually will be large trees or cliffs . Stump-tailed macaque usually walks between two to three kilometers but the monkey did not have to walk that far in the raining season because there was plenty of food nearby.

Something special about this Stump-tailed macaque is that they will suffer from hair loss to become bald in the middle of their head when growing up. This process is almost the same as the process of hair loss to man for human, but hair loss experienced by this monkey species is happening to both sex, male and female.

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