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Akar Saga


Is a perennial climber that twines around trees and shrubs. It is a legume with long, pinnate-leafleted leaves. It is also known as Gunja in Sanskrit and some Indian languages and Ratti in Hindi. The plant is best known for its seeds, which are used as beads and which are toxic due to the presence of abrin. The plant is native to Indonesia and grows in tropical and subtropical areas of the world where it has been introduced. It has a tendency to become weedy and invasive where it has been introduced. The seed pod curls back when it opens and reveals the seeds. The seeds are flat and truncate shaped, 1.5 to 2cm long, with attractive scarlet colour. They are highly poisonous.


High-climbing, twining, or trailing woody vine with slender herbaceous branches. Flowers shaped like pea flowers, white to pink or reddish and small.


Is a vine of the genus Abrus. It's duration is perennial which means it will grow year after year.


Seeds, Leaves and Roots


Seeds are aphrodisiac, antimicrobial, diuretic, expectorant, laxative, purgative, refrigerant and sedative. Seeds are highly poisonous. Roots are used for gonorrhea and jaundice. The oil extracted from seeds is said to promote the growth of human hair. The seeds are used as a contraceptive, to treat diabetes and chronic nephritis.

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