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Chengal tree is a popular hardwood tree. The natural distribution of this tree is restricted to Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Southern Thailand.

Chengal is found in mixed dipterocarp tropical lowland forests, especially on undulating lands, in swampy areas and sometimes in dry areas of swamp forests.

Chengal is a durable hardwood timber and has a density of between 915 to 980 kilograms per cubic meter is normally used in heavy construction work, especially boats construction, pillars and bridges without the need to preserve because it is resistant from termites attacks.

In Malaysia, a chengal tree grows in lowland areas less than 1000 meters elevation, especially in areas with good water drainage. Normally chengal tree grows well in the areas that receive rainfall more than 2,000 millimeter per year and no drought.

The largest and oldest Chengal Tree in Malaysia was found in Pasir Raja Forest Reserve, Terengganu. This tree reaches a height of 65 meter with 16.75 meter girth. This trees age is estimated 1,300 years based on the trees circulation method of the tropic area which has the growth rings at a rate 0.4 cm per annum. During the Forest Biodiversity Scientific Expedition of Gunung Mandi Angin, Terengganu in 2004, the researcher has conducted research on this tree. This Chengal tree also has received recognition from the Malaysia Book of Records as the largest trees in Peninsular Malaysia and documented in the publication of the third edition in 2001.

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