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From 1st January, 2020, visitors will be charged for entering and carrying out activities in the permanent reserved forest in Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Putrajaya and Federal Territory of Labuan pursuant to the gazetted National Forestry (Federal Territory) Rules 2019. The amount of fees and activities charged are as below :


Entry Permit to Permanent Reserved Forest and For the purpose of right granted under the Entry Permit  MYKAD Holder Non-MYKAD Holder
  (i) Entry Fee―   
   (a) Adults;  10.00 per person  40.00 per person
   (b) Children 6-12 yearsold;    1.00 per person  5.00 per person
   (c) Children under 6 years old;  Free  Free
   (d) Senior citizens (more than 60 years old);  1.00 per person  40.00 per person
   (e) Persons with disabilities  Free  Free
 (ii) Rent -  
   (a) Camp plot; 10.00 per site per day  40.00 per site per day
   (b) Hall;  100.00 per day  200.00 per day
   (c) Field;  200.00 per day  400.00 per day
   (d) Canteen;  1,000.00 per month  2,000.00 per month
   (e) Kiosk;  200.00 per month  400.00 per month
   (f) Square site  500.00 per day  1,000.00 per day
  (iii) Commercial filming / documentary  
   (a) video/film; and  2,000.00 per day  5,000.00 per day
   (b) photography    200.00 per day  500.00 per day

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