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Forest Type : Montane-Ericaceous Forest

Description : The forest located at an altitude above 1,500 meters a.s.l is known as the Ericaceous-Mount Forest. The trees in this are small in size, gnarled and stunted. The species from the family Ericacea dominates the forest floor such as Rhododendron spp. and Vaccinium spp. In addition, plants such as bamboo, ferns and moss can also be found here.


Forest Type: Oak-Gunung Forest

Forest : This forest type can be found between 1,200 to 1,500 meters a.s.l. The main species found in this forest are Lithocarpus spp. (Mempening), Fagaceae sp. (Berangan) and Cinnamomum sp. (Medang). Dipterocarp species are rare and only a few species can be found here such Dipterocarpus retusus (Keruing gunong) dan Vatic spp. (Resak).


Forest Type : Upper Dipterocarp Forest

Description : Forest located at 750 to 1,200 meters a.s.l. Among the species found in this forest are. Shorea platyclados (Meranti bukit), Agathis borneensis (Damar minyak), Calophyllum sp. (Bintangor), Dipterocarpus sp. (Keruing), Shorea astylosa (Balau gunong), Shorea submontana (Balau gajah) and Shorea parvifolia (Meranti sarang punai).


Forest Type : Hill Dipterocarp Forest

Description : Hill dipterocarp forest is the most extensive forest type in Peninsular Malaysia and exists at 300 to 750 meters a.s.l. The main species found are Shorea curtisii (Meranti seraya), Dipterocarpus (Keruing) and other Meranti’s.

lowland dipterocarp foret2

Forest Type : Lowland Dipterocarp Forest

Description : Forest located below 300 meters a.s.l and consists of a vast variety of tree species. The main species found in this forest type are Shorea sp. (Meranti), Balau and Dryobalanops (Kapur).


Forest Type : Peat Swamp Forest

Description : This forest is formed on peat soil with a depth of about 6 meters in aqueous and acidic. This forest is located behind the coastline. Among the species commonly found in the forest are Koompassia malaccensis (Kempas), Calophyllum spp. (Bintangor), Shorea platycarpa (Meranti paya), Gonystylus spp. (Ramin), Sapotaceae sp. (Nyatoh), Cratoxylum spp. (Geronggang) and Vatica spp. (Resak).


Forest Type : Mangrove Forest

Description : The forest is formed in muddy areas on the coast, lagoon and river estuary experiencing high tide and low tide. The main species of trees are limited to this habitat and plants in this ecosystem typically have unique root systems such as stilt root and pneumatofor and thick leaf structures such as Rhizophora spp. (mangrove).