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Default buttons

Button styles can be applied to anything with the .btn class applied. However, typically you'll want to apply these to only <a> and <button> elements for the best rendering.

[message_box type="warning" close="no"]

Ex: element icon="user" then name of icons is "fa-user".

You can find the full examples of usage at Font Awesome - Font Awesome 4.0.3 [/message_box]
Button Type Icon Description
Default Default pencil Standard gray button with gradient
Primary Primary primary comment Provides extra visual weight and identifies the primary action in a set of buttons
Info Info info info-circle Used as an alternative to the default styles
Success Success success check Indicates a successful or positive action
Warning Warning warning warning Indicates caution should be taken with this action
Danger Danger danger refresh Indicates a dangerous or potentially negative action
Inverse Inverse inverse trash-o Alternate dark gray button, not tied to a semantic action or use
Link Link link twitter Deemphasize a button by making it look like a link while maintaining button behavior
[button target="_self" link="#"] Default icon="pencil" [/button]
[button type="primary" icon="comment" target="_self" link="#"] Primary [/button]   
[button type="info" icon="info-sign" target="_self" link="#"] Info [/button]   
[button type="success" icon="check" target="_self" link="#"] Success [/button]   
[button type="warning" icon="warning" target="_self" link="#"] warning [/button]   
[button type="danger" icon="refresh" target="_self" link="#"] Danger [/button]   
[button type="inverse" icon="trash" target="_self" link="#"] Inverse [/button]   
[button type="link" icon="twitter" target="_self" link="#"] Link [/button]

Flat buttons

[button type="flat" target="_self" link="#"] Default Button [/button]
[button type="flat primary" target="_self" link="#"] Primary Button [/button]
[button type="flat success" target="_self" link="#"] Success Button [/button]
[button type="flat warning"  target="_self" link="#"] Warning Button [/button]
[button type="flat inverse" target="_self" link="#"] Inverse Button [/button]
[button type="flat info" target="_self" link="#"] Info Button [/button]
[button type="flat danger" target="_self" link="#"] Danger Button [/button]

Cross browser compatibility

IE9 doesn't crop background gradients on rounded corners, so we remove it. Related, IE9 jankifies disabled button elements, rendering text gray with a nasty text-shadow that we cannot fix.

Button sizes

Fancy larger or smaller buttons? Add size= large, small, or mini for additional sizes.

[button type="primary" size="lg" target="_self" link="#"] Large button [/button]
[button size="lg" target="_self" link="#"] Large button [/button]

[button type="primary" target="_self" link="#"] Default button [/button]
[button target="_self" link="#"] Default button [/button]

[button type="primary" size="sm" target="_self" link="#"] Small button [/button]
[button size="sm" target="_self" link="#"] Large Small [/button]

[button type="primary" size="xs" target="_self" link="#"] Mini button [/button]
[button size="xs" target="_self" link="#"] Mini button [/button]

Create block level buttons—those that span the full width of a parent— by adding .btn-block.

[button type="primary" size="lg" full="block"] Block level button [/button]
[button size="lg" full="block"] Block level button [/button]

Disabled state

For disabled buttons, add the state=disabled class to links and the disabled attribute for <button> elements.

[button type="primary" size="lg" state="disabled"] Primary button [/button]
[button size="lg" state="disabled"] Button [/button]
[space height="10"]

Customization Options / Features

  • type : style of the button. You can combine the following options(primary, info, success, warning, danger, inverse, link, flat)
  • icon : add any mini-icon (from the Icons section) here.
  • size : available sizes ( xs, sm, default, lg)
  • full : the full width of a parent
  • target : link target (eg. target="_blank" will open link in a new window)
  • state : disabled buttons, available ( true, disabled)
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Hubungi Kami

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