• Division Function

    This Division is responsible to coordinate, monitor and evaluate the implementation of forest eco-park and state park forest development, as well as to provide technical advice on forest ecotourism to the State Forestry Departments.
  • En. Abdul Rahman B. Abdul Jalil

    Director of Forest Eco-Park & State Park Forest


    +603-2616 4488 (Ext: 566)

    Tn. Haji Helmy Tariq B. Othman

    Head Section of Forest Eco-Park & State Park Forest


    +603-2616 4488 (Ext: 567)

    En. Shahril B. Mohamad

    Assistant Director (Forest Eco-Park)


    +603-2616 4488 (Ext: 568)

    En. Muhammad Firdaus B. Khadlan

    Assistant Officer (Forest Eco-Park)


    +603-2616 4488 (Ext: 753)

    (Vacant )

    Senior Forester (Forest Eco-Park)


    +603-2616 4488

    Pn. Sabarina Bt. Abd Latif

    Assistant Director (State Park Forest)


    +603-2616 4488 (Ext: 232)

    En. Mohamad Roslan B. Abd. Rahman

    Senior Assistant Officer (State Park Forest)


    +603-2616 4488 (Ext: 569)

    En. Zulkifli Asmawi B. Mohamed Ameri

    Assistant Officer (State Park Forest)


    +603-2616 4488 (Ext: 753)

    Pn. Zuraida Bt. Zakaria

    Kedah State Park Forest Manager (Stationed in Section Forest Eco-Park and State Forest Park, IPJPSM)


    +603-2616 4488 (Ext: 571)

    Pn. Fadhilah Bt. Mohamad Fadhilah Bt. Mohamad

    Perlis State Park Forest Manager


    +604 - 9765 966

    (Vacant )

    Perak State Park Forest Manager


    (Vacant )

    Perlis State Park Forest Manager (Stationed in Section Forest Eco-Park and State Forest Park, IPJPSM)


    En. ShahrilNizam B. Mat

    Terengganu State Park Forest Manager



    (Vacant )

    Pahang State Park Forest Manager


    Pn. Umikalsum Bt. Nan

    Malacca State Park Forest Manager



    Pn. Juliana Bt. Yahya

    Negeri Sembilan State Park Forest Manager



    (Vacant )

    Johore State Park Forest Manager


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