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  Million Hectares (ha)
Land Area Of Peninsular Malaysia 13.18
 Forested Area 5.81
 Non-Forested Area 7.37
 Permanent Reserved Forest 4.91
 Inland Forest 4.39
 Peat Swamp Forests 0.24
 Mangroves 0.10
 Plantation Forest 0.18
 Percentage of Forested Area 84.51
 Stateland Forest 0.31
 National and Wildlife Parks 0.59
 Permanent Reserved Forest by Functional  Class  
 Protection Forest 1.99
 Production Forests 2.92


Production Million cubic metres (m3)
 Logs 4.17
 Sawn Timber 2.67
 Plywood 0.40
 Mouldings 0.24


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