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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions for our Joomla! Templates Club memberships.

[acc_item title="What will I get after I join a membership plan?"]

1. Template Membership: After you join the club, you will immediately access the download area of the templates. There you should find your favorite template and download it. You will see two parts for each download: The Source Files and The All In One Package. The All In One Package contains all the files that are necessary to install the template on the site: the Template file, the Cloner Installer to make your site exactly like the demo, all the modules, components and plug-ins included in that template and of course the documentation guide. The Source Files package contains the Adobe Photoshop files so that you can easily edit the design part of the template.

2. Extension Membership: After you join the club, you will immediately access the download area of the extensions. There you should find your favorite extension and download it.

[/acc_item] [acc_item title="What payment methods do you accept?"] We accept PayPal payments, credit cards (major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American express etc.). The payments are managed by 2CheckOut, one of the most powerful payment gateway systems. They are completely secure as you are the only one who has access to your financial information. You may also pay through bank transfer. Please, contact us for further details regarding the payment methods. [/acc_item] [acc_item title="What will happen after my membership expires?"] After your membership expires you may continue using the same template/extension you have downloaded and installed on your domain. In fact, you may use the same template/extension for lifetime if you wish. No other payment is required to keep the same template/extension. The payment is a one-time fee. However, you won't be able to have support from SmartAddons after the expiry. Support is given as long as you are an active member. [/acc_item] [acc_item title="Membership fees are refundable?"] Yes, we have a money back program that refunds completely your payment, if it is asked for it up to 7 days after your subscription day. Although it is a money back program, we will need a valid reason to refund your payment. We can't accept motives like "I didn't notice this product was for Joomla" or "I didn't realize this template doesn't work with Joomla 1.5". Of course, we take our responsibility for any possible problem with our products and will refund your money if we haven't delivered you the promised product. [/acc_item] [acc_item title="How many templates/extensions am I allowed to download/use? "] The number of the templates/extensions that you may use depends on the membership plan that you have joined. You are free to download as many templates/extensions as you consider appropriate in order to test and check them out, regardless the plan that you chose. However, you may not take advantage of every template/extensions that you have downloaded. The membership plan limits you to a specific number of domains in which you can install the templates/extensions. For Personal Membership this is two, meaning that you can use two domains. For Business Membership and Developer Membership the number is Unlimited, meaning that there is no limit in the number of domains to be created. [/acc_item] [acc_item title="Can I use the templates/extensions for non commercial and nonprofit sites? "] You may use the templates/extensions for commercial and non commercial purpose. You may use it to create your company's or personal website. If you are a designer or a freelancer, you can use them for your clients. Our templates/extensions have been also used from non profits organizations and institutions, as well as churches. However, you may not use our templates/extensions to create sites which convey to inappropriate content like crime, violence, threatening etc. [/acc_item]

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