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System Explanation

smlp SMLP (Sistem Maklumat Latihan Peperiksaan)

Capable of processing the application and review of the results of all examinations organized by the Forestry Training Division .

eforgris E-FORGRIS (Electronic Forest Genetic Resources Information System)

Centralization of management information related to forest tree seed and plant acquisition .

epck E-PCK (Sistem Maklumat Petak Contoh Kekal)

Centralization of information management and processing of data sampling plot for the growth of trees planted regularly and continuously.

sml SML (Sistem Maklumat Lesen)

Recording licensee information, licence and tax transaction systematically and organised in database system that is integrated and efficient

eforlog E-Forlog (Electonic System For Logging)

System for processing applications of logging areas for HSK and Government Land systematically and organized in a database system which is integrated and efficient.

sip SiP (Sistem Info-Perhutanan)

Systems based online application which aims to collect all the data and information in IPJPSM forestry and JPN.

fmrs FMRS (Forest Monitoring Using Remote Sensing)

This system serves to monitor the activities of forest macro and micro quickly and efficiently by using high-resolution satellite images and up to date. Developed jointly by the Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency and the Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia.

pdgp e-Geospatial Perhutanan (e-GP)

Online GIS system that contains all geospatial data developed by JPSM and associated data from the agency / external sources including satellite images.

lawnet Lawnet (Perpustakaan Online Undang-Undang Malaysia)

Online Library of Malaysia Laws.

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